Reading Better with Phonics for Parents, Tutors, & Teachers

Lessons are designed for the end of the first grade and for remediation of others.
Plan for lessons to last about 30 minutes.


Phonics is recognized as a tool for pronouncing new words, but the new words must be used in context, or oral language, for students to understand the meaning. These phonetic analysis lessons use a multi-sensory learning approach to understanding. This approach includes visual-auditory, visual-motor, auditory memory, auditory and visual retrieval and motor, and visual and auditory cues. Keep in mind that these lessons are one important aspect of the total skills needed for reading. instructors (parents, tutors, and teachers) can use this program to enhance their student's life-long learning skills.

* Knowledge of phonetic sounds of letters can help the student in both reading and spelling.

* Phonics can increase vocabulary by an awareness of letter sounds and their relationship to the printed and spoken word.

These phonics lessons will build skills for:

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